[Heirloom of Bones] Prelude: Preface to the Bard, The Queen, and The Scribe


Preface to Tales of The Bard, The Queen, and The Scribe.

As a scribe of the Third Son, I've decided to take it upon myself to write an orderly account of the folktales during the political upheaval between the the summer of 562 SP and the winter 572 SP. Indeed, this span of 10 years was the bloodiest event following the "Since Peace" from the War of Nations in 0 SP.  Due to the contentious nature of this topic—the Bard of Tualor is all but venerated by common folk and despised by nobility; Queen Naria is the the current ruling monarch of the Kingdom of Harthia with The Scribe of the West ruling at her side—I have decided to remain anonymous.

Though the bulk of this text is narrative in nature, I believe that this continuous story best represents the accuracy of the transpired events while also expressing the running themes and morals commonly told by common-folk.

In the spirit of scholasticism, I have appended the sources used in this compilation of tales which include interviews and prior transcripts from witnesses. [UPDATE: I have just received word from my publisher that even the The Scribe of the West has commended the accuracy of this compilation. If you are reading this updated edition, Eldest Scribe, I am both humbled and honored.] In addition, I've also included varying details of these stories that are told from region to region. Surprisingly, these stories are fairly consistent across the known realm which suggests a superstitious self-regulation by the common-folk or perhaps regulation by the Society of Bards.

As a follower of the Third Son, 
My words ring true and clear 
in both mind and heart of man


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