The Confessions of Saint Augustine Summaries

Book 1

Section 1

We should praise God! Do we praise God or call upon God first? Similarly, do we know God or call upon God first?
  1. If we don't call upon God, then how does He reveal himself to us & provide us with understanding?
  2. If we don't know God, what if we call upon someone else?
I learned about the Incarnation of Thy Son through the example of the preacher, St. Ambrose. Through his example, I came to believe, then call upon, then seek, and now praise You!

Preacher -> Believe -> Call Upon -> Seek -> Praise

Section 2

When I call upon You, how exactly do You go in me? Can my body contain the entirety of the Creator of the universe?

The bible says
  1. You are present in hell. (Ps 139.8)
  2. All things are sustained by God. (Rom 11.36)
  3. You fill the heaven & earth. (Jer 23.24)
Where can I be where You are not? 

Are you everywhere? If so, why do I call upon You to come where You are already at?

Section 3

If heaven and earth contain You*, do You overflow because You are greater than Your creation? Perhaps Your presence itself is what gives Your creation the ability to contain you! Your presence can fill a broken container because You overflow.

When you are poured onto us,  you lift us up. (Acts 2:18)

Since nothing can fully contain you, does only a part of You exist in all things? Do some contain more and some contain less? Are you everywhere but nothing contains you wholly?

* Against Manichees

Section 4

Who else is Lord & God but You? Merciful/Just; Unchanging/All-Changing; Ever Working/At Rest

You love & are jealous w/o being controlled by them.
You pay & remit debts w/o losing or gaining.

What can I say? I shout Your praise but caught speechless by Your majesty.


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