The Discussion Between Crito & Socrates – Plato


I like this story. It seems to go hand in hand with The Apology of Socrates. I find this story very nerve-wracking because I found myself not wanting Socrates to die. He is one of the greatest men that Athens could have gotten,  but the government repayed his service as a philosopher  as an execution. This whole situation is the bureaucratic nonsense of "This is wrong, but I'm just following policy." at its worst.

I agree with Crito that Socrates' death will be very hurtful for not only his friends and family, but also for their reputation.

Yet Socrates' argument is sound. Ultimately, it is his choice based on his principles, conscience, and beliefs to stay or to run away.

He had the option of banishment or death as the possible punishment for this trial. He chose the option of death, and the voting did not weigh in his favor. As a result, he placed himself in a position where he would have to betray his vows.

In addition, he did make a contract/covenant with Athens. His decision for death instead of banishment was because of his love for Athens. Yet, his retreat would betray his love for his city which he has followed obediently up to this point.

Not sure how I feel about this whole situation. The whole thing is very sad.


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