About Me

A Boot, Me.

(Note: The above title is a pun. It sounds like "About Me", which is a common title for a blog article that introduces the author. I am not a boot nor have I ever been a boot. A boot is made for walking, and that's just what they do.)

Hi! My name is Tennyson (AKA Often) Zhan. No, that is not my real name.

I am the youngest of three brothers and the oldest of no sisters. My brothers names are Everest III (AKA Every) and Francisco (AKA Frequently). No, those are not their real names.

I am—in descending order of importance—a Christian, a soon-to-be husband, and a 4th Grade Classical Educator.


I love Jesus. That is the plain and simple fact about myself. I am developing a growing fondness of building a daily walk with God in all aspects of my life.

More recently, I have come to appreciate liturgy through my workplace. I teach at an Anglican school, though I am firmly Presbyterian. The beauty of chanting the morning prayer has been a delight. The slow and steady act of ruminating upon God's Holy Scripture is an aspect of my spiritual walk that has just begun to cultivate.

From a different angle, I've also begun contemplating how to worship God through creativity. I've begun meddling in different arts to "sing unto the Lord a new song". My hope is that some of my creative endeavors will turn into a communal project.

I am also interested in joining other Christian projects that align with my interests. After reading my blog, if you think that you have a project that you think I would be a great fit in, feel free to let me know through my email: óftenžhan[at]gmæil.com.

Soon-to-be Husband

I have fallen head over heels for a woman, a lady, a female. Glory be to God in heaven that she loves me too. In equal measure, I am not sure for it is hard for me to imagine her loving me with the same intensity that I do for her. Sometimes, my love for her feels unbearable. Whatever the case may be, she loves me enough to marry me. That counts for something, right?

Her name is Maybelline (AKA Maybe) Ling. No, that is not her real name.

We are very different. I'm extroverted. She's introverted. I like to read Sci-Fi and Fantasy. She likes to read um... literature that is not Sci-Fi and Fantasy. One time I wrote that she mainly reads "Slice of Life" novels, but she told me that was incorrect. She likes Murakami if that helps you understand her better. If it does, please explain it to me.

We are on two completely different wavelengths, but like constructive interference, together we somehow make a completely new wavelength. And those points when our wavelengths intersect... oh my! Those moments are beautiful and glorious. I am sure that heaven exists because of those moments.

Classical Educator

I am a 4th grade Classical Educator. What does that mean? I inspire students by introducing them to some of the greatest thinkers of the past. I teach the great classics. I help guide students to understand and appreciate true beauty and true knowledge that exists in this universe. I help guide my students to participate in the Great Conversation—a continuous discussion by all of humanity that has been happening since the dawn of civilization. This conversation is their rightful inheritance. I teach using the framework of the Trivium, though because of the developmental stage of my students, I tend to focus heavily on Grammar lightly sprinked with Logic.

I am surprised that I have not butted heads with the administration of my school. I am blessed to be in a school that, for the most part, has the same principles as me.

I hope to teach children until I retire. Administration looks ostensibly boring. Though, I am interested in curriculum development and childrens books. Perhaps this will be my future side hustle.

Speaking of which, it is a shame that education is not self-sufficient. If teaching is such an important job, the pay should match. I have to rely on Maybe's high-paying cubicle job to make ends meet. At bare minimum, I want to generate enough money to support myself without the help of Maybe.

– – –

Well, that's me. If you are interested to learn more, then read along.

But if you are thinking, Nah, I'm not particularly interested in reading about this guy, then I wish you true peace and everlasting love that can only come through Jesus Christ, and I hope to see you in heaven. Have a blessed day.


– Often